You may know tapa, our newest Moderator... or may not. One of ClassicHabbo most active players, and former Habbo eXpert, but now,  under a new nickname...

In order to celebrate the new addition to CH Staff, we decided to bring back one of the users' favorite series: Ask Me Anything! On the form below, we ask you to send us any questions you have for tapa, being either about the hotel or for example: WHO ARE YOU??

tapa will choose only the best and most interesting questions, and the authors of the chosen questions will get a badge and a Holo-Duck. The Holo-Duck rare is now an exclusive prize for Ask Me Anything series of articles. THAT'S RIGHT! YOU'LL ONLY GET IT HERE.

So, have you created your question? Once you elaborate it, send it on the form below until October 31st @8 PM BST. The article with the winning questions will be posted right after that.

10 questions will be selected.  You can submit more than once. Good Luck!