This week habboween took our rooms in two themed competitions: American Horror Story Room of the week and Petal Patches in rooms!

The Countess has given her verdict and took blood from some users, we have quenched her thirst and gave us the ROTW winners:

 First place: Cuceta
 Second Place: Ultra
 Third Place: Hugo

All other participants received honorable mention, congratulations to V1L4, LTD, Kosov and Dirk.

The Zombies have run away! (for the moment)

In a record of 30 rooms sent full of petal patches, 15 of them were selected and chosen as the best anti zombie lairs, don't let them catch you, hide!

Congratulations to:
V1L4, artes, Juliana, Dias, Joaoi, Lokom, Cuceta, Ranger, Rods, fab, kosov, Grimes, Yuyu, Swek & xOwnz.

Do not stop participating, more surprises remain in this last week of Habboween in Classichabbo!