We were all surprised to see the rare Petal Patch on today's special.

But ... Flowers? In Habboween? It may be a sign!

In habbo, zombies don't attack when the room is full of Petal Patch. This is why we have a quick and direct event for everyone at Classic Habbo.

You must fill the floor of your favorite room (one that you already have made) with Petal Patch and send it in the following form. Send us with the Petal Patch, so we can realize the zombie safe zone.

You don't need to build anything new! We want the room that you like the most full of Petal. The 10 best rooms will be selected by the Staff and will have as a prizes: 20 mystery boxes + Petal Patch x3 + 700 credits + Badge.

Participates! You have until October 23 until 8pm BST to send us your image.

Remember, send on this form.

Success everyone, take cover from the zombies!