As you should know by now, the so called Producer666 is trying to turn all Habbos into zombies by infecting their minds with his low quality music. We, the Monsters Of Habbo, have a plan. It is divided into 2 parts:


The first part of the plan is to fill the Hotel with heavy, shrilling, ripped chords, so, Grab your Traxmachine, your Rock Discs and create a flawless smashing hit.

After you done that, export the song to your Habbo Home, make the Trax Widget avaliable and send your nickname this  form!

The frontman from Monsters of Habbo, DuskRider will be choosing the 5 best songs and reward them with  10x Black Roller, a Kinky Sofa, and a Special Badge!


To make a lot of noise against Producer666's low quality songs, we will now have a Clash of Bands. Gather 2 friends and create a Metal Band. (Competition in Trio)

01. Create a Habbo Group for it and ask your 2 friends to join it.
02. Give the Group a name and a short description.
03. Edit the badge on Habbo Group Badge Editor.
04. Create a Room on 104 squares where the CD of your band is playing on a Traxmachine!!! (Don't forget to give it some Metal touch)
05. Display the same track on the band's group page through Trax Widget

After doing all this, fill this  form

The drummer of the Monsters Of Habbo, TheOracle, will be choosing the best 3 bands. The members of the bands will be rewarded with 10x Black Roller, a Silver ICM and a Special Badge (for each member)

You have until October 10th @5PM BST to fill both forms. The result is going to be announced on a party by Monsters Of Habbo later the same day,  @9PM BST. See you there and good luck!!!