Gui, in the Good Path

''Producer666'' - There it is. A hell of a name for someone who wants to make money on other people's cultural vacuum. Although, this one infiltrates even the most complete and complex souls.

This is the name of Frvncisco's new friend. By the way, a fair-weather friend. I'll explain what I found out about the guy, who is the owner of Good as Hell Record Company, and also, main DJ at the Bobba FM Radio Station. Take a look on his Habbo Home and see it for yourself.

Producer666 is a evil spirit who wants to share only one kind of music to the habbos: HIS MUSIC! He intends to infectate everyone's ears playing low quality, noisy and dazing tunes on the Bobba FM Station, turning everyone into zombies!

After finding out that the shoot hit the fan - imagine the whole Hotel  listening to N Sync all day long - I thought: "What spirit is stronger against the evil spirit of Producer666's Bobba FM? THE SPIRIT OF METAL! So I decided to ask the Gods of Metal for some guidance, and they have answered. Welcome, The Monsters Of Habbo

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