Do you remember what is was like the first time you logged into Habbo? You didn't know where to go or what to do AND you were a 2 inch, pixelated walking target for scammers? Wouldn't it have been nice if someone had been there to explain the basics? And how cool would it have ben to have someone help you find some shiney new friends who would have shown how fun Habbo could be? Well, that's what Habbo X's are for!

Habbo X (short for eXpert) make friends with new players, chat with them and show them the ropes. Xs will mainly hang about in the rooms and occasionally you will see them. Habbo X's will introduce the Habbo Way and help make a new Habbo first visit to the hotel safe and fun.

Habbo eXperts are completely different from moderators and managers. They meet and greet new users and introduce them to the hotel, answer questions, show them how things work, create games, help moderators on their work and build rooms for the Staff Team!!!

Without further to say, let's meet our new team. They are divided into four subgroups: Host, Safety, Builder and Gamer. Also, there are 3 positions you can have on the eXpert Team: Head X, Team Leader and Team Member.

Here is our eXpert Team

- HEAD X: - Coordinates all the eXpert Team, being responsible for being the bridge between Staff and the Teams.
  - eXperts Leader: Joorren

- HOST X: Welcoming new users and answering their questions, as well showing the whereabouts of the hotel, etc.
  - Team Leader: Oz
  - Team Members: fishterry, mat

- SAFETY X: Helps the moderators and managers to keep the hotel peaceful, they have light moderations tools. Also responsable for helping Habbos keeping their accounts safe and away from scammers!
  - Team Leader: Chris
  - Team Members: Cuceta, Dirk and xOwnz

- GAMER X: Help the Hotel creating games and entertainment for online users! Also help official events being made, being the right arm of Staff for Events thopic.
  - Team Members: Esdras, artes

BUILDER X: Helps the  Staff and the Gamer X Team with room building/creating for events and competitions.
  - Team Members: Badz, Grimes

Welcome everyone! and good job!

Meet the Team and ask questions on eXpert Infobus Saturday, October 10th @7PM BST, where the team will answer your questions and ask for your feedback as well.