Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted a news article, since April actually, but since then many issues have been fixed and many issues have also been created. I'm going to outline what I plan to do next for the following weeks ahead, they are particularly focused around smashing existing bugs and finishing features that I've started.

The list is below

Trax player widget

Finish this widget and support both for homes and groups

Groups info widget

Finish this widget for groups.

User info widget (add and remove tags)

Right now adding and removing tags on this widget is kind of whacky so that needs to be smoothed out.

Guestbook widget<strike>, friends widget</strike>

Simply not functional at the moment, and the guestbook is neither functional for both homes and groups.

Group member management and group member list widget

What would groups be without their members hmm? :) This isn't functional but should be completed.

Group discussions

Not started yet, but should be implemented of course.

Group favourites

So users can show other users their favourite groups when clicking them in the hotel!

My Groups Tab and home widget groups showing favourites/owner/etc

The "My Groups" tab simply isn't functional and it should be in the near future, and this applies to both the homes group widget and the my groups tab, they should indicate which groups that have been currently favourited, and which groups they are owners of, etc.


Messenger categories updating in client is not refreshing users in correct categories while using friends management tool on website.

<strike>Flash ask door knock/password when trying to teleport into locked rooms.</strike>

Thanks for reading and I hope everybody understands my small to-do list for the future, and will look forward to the changes that will happen around the hotel! :)