The functionality has arrived, you can now create your own competitions using American Idol furniture!

Voting Chair & Hot Spot/Scoreboard
The first of its kind, the Voting Chair and Hot Spot/Scoreboard work together so you - the Habbos - can role-play as judges and contestants for the main Habbo's American Idol competition. You will also notice that there are achievements tied this competition as well. Woohoo!

Hot Spot/Scoreboard
Only 1 Hot Spot/Scoreboard can be placed in a room because it also acts like a Trax machine and plays music. It comes with a default Trax song or you can play your own Trax song if you have a CD in your hand (inventory). When you stand on it, a screen will appear with a list of Trax songs available to choose from.

Once the Trax music starts, that is when you begin your performance. When you step off of the Hot Spot, your performance will end and your score (based on the votes you received) will appear on the scoreboard above the Hot Spot.

The Voting has functionality tied to it that allows you to rate the contestants performance. You can have as many voting chairs in your room you want (up to room furniture capacity).

Voting Chair
When a contestant stands on the Hot Spot, a screen will appear for each judge in a Voting chair. Your choices will be simply Yes or No. Once you have made your decision, you simply click on the Yes or No icon to submit your vote for that contestant. The chair will turn Blue for a YES vote and Red for a NO vote.