The title is a bit of a joke but there may or may not be a series if I continue to find issues that I cannot reproduce myself

This competition has now ended, the following winners are:
- Parsnip
- hey08
- Why
- Dxryl

This is a bit unorthodox but here goes it! I'm asking for the users to tell me how a certain bug is reproduced. The first few people to successfully tell me how the bug is reproduced will win an unreleased item.

What do I mean by reproduce? In simple terms I'm asking for clear and concise steps in order to achieve the desired outcome, such as following an instruction manual.

For further reading if you're still unsure, please refer to this link:

Information about this bug

So from my system administrator perspective where I can access server logs, I can read the error log which where I noticed the bug was happening.

At some point, the error log is absolutely hammered with errors associated with sending player data back to the user during BattleBall in the Coral Beach map (it may also be with specific spawn points on a certain team).

I'm unsure what exactly the issue is, but that's what I can see from my perspective, and I can tell the game should be completely unplayable if this happens.

How do I report this?

You must use Discord, and then join the Classic Habbo Discord. The invite widget can be found on the 'me' and 'community' pages, it's free and you'll be able to chat to many users just like you who play Classic Habbo.

Please DM me (Quackster#1337) once you join the server with the steps of the bug - you'll need to be in the server otherwise you won't be able to message me.

There is no deadline to report this bug, only when I get a report sufficient enough that I am no longer asking for more. And this is a serious issue, please do not think that I purposefully added an issue for people to hunt down.