Article written by artesplasticas

Hey habbos :-)

Today is my 7th day anniversary on ClassicHabbo. Due to this special date, I made a game for your amusement!

I spent some days thinking about this game, collecting some coins to make the rooms and trying to promote it here. AND PROUDLY I CAN ANNOUNCE IT FOR YOU ALL!

It will be an Enigma/Maze/Puzzle game, it has 6 stages and I promise you'll have a lot of fun!

The first room (EXOTIC SHORTHAIR. by artesplasticas) is already open but there is a Marquee blocking the first teleport.
I will open the marquee Tomorrow (August 9th) at 10 PM BST/6 PM BR/ 5PM CL.

When you finish the maze, you'll find a sentence  that you have to send it on the form below.

The first 10 users to make it to the final stage will receive a Surprise Rare and an extra special badge!

Ladies (and Gentlemen), start your engines, and may the 10 best Habbos WIN!