As you have just read, after all this time the guide system has now launched which means you can become a guide and help out newly registered users.


Please find the FAQ available here:

The guide system is a system that was added to Habbo from 2008-2009 and sadly, with the flash client on the rise, this system was scrapped in favour of the guide bot which was an automatic helper. However, you can finally feel the nostalgia and use the guide system once more!

More badges!

That's right, with the guide system now added, you can complete these badges:

(For being guided)

Rewards for guiding

Keep guiding players and you'll keep leveling up!

(Bunny - Level 1)

(Bambi - Level 2)

(Otter - Level 3)

(Badger - Level 4)

(Fox - Level 5)

(Lynx - Level 6)

(Buffalo - Level 7)

(Bear - Level 8)

(Eagle - Level 9)

(Owl - Level 10)

(Wolf- Level X)

This badge is only obtainable by becoming a group admin.