I'm sorry, but I've finally decided to close down Classic Habbo.

I've ran it for 4 years, since middle of 2018. The truth is, I never wanted to run a hotel, this originally opened as a test hotel for my emulator called Havana.

It's time to say good bye. I'm sorry there's no farewell party, I'm sorry it had to be like this.

The truth is that it simply became exhausting to run a proper hotel. Of course I will still develop emulators and run test hotels in future, but I am not going to run an actual hotel.

A big thank you to my staff (Chris, Copyright/Lars, Joorren, xOwnz, Siract, and others I forgot to mention), all of you were amazing.

Kind regards,


Check out h4bbo.net, as I update this site reguarly.

Classic Habbo Database

Here is a cleaned database of what used to be Classic Habbo. It contains most things, except the following:

Download the database here.

The backup of the gamedata that Classic Habbo used can be located here.

(Use 7-Zip to extract the file contents)

I'm currently undergoing a revamp of the Classic Habbo hotel discord server into one centered around the development and programming of private Habbo servers, join me if you're interested.

Invite link.